Why We Gather

We Gatherin’ Barbados…..to celebrate who we are! This is Vision 2020: The Prime Minister’s vision for An all-inclusive Bajan homecoming! She gave a call to action at our Independence Day Parade last year, for all Barbadians….those at home and those anywhere in the world …… Bajans by birth, Bajans by descent, Bajans by choice… and those who love Barbados…… to join heads, hands and hearts to help “build the best Barbados…. together”. This will be a catalyst for national transformation.

So let’s get ready! 2020 is the year We Gatherin’ Barbados!  – its a year-long campaign when we as Barbadians…. recommit to the core Barbadian values that define who we are as a proud, caring and industrious people with an outstanding tradition of excellence across every nook and cranny of Barbados. 


We Gatherin’ will focus on rebuilding that spirit of community at the core of our traditional Barbadian way of life. It will provide opportunities for all Barbadians to celebrate, participate and invest in events and projects across the entire island.

Our future is now, and this vision gleams brightly for 2020. Together we will use the valuable tools and lessons of the past so magically reflected almost every week in our articulate centenarians. We will embrace the positive exuberance of our innovative youth to ensure our digital competence will serve us well beyond today and into many tomorrows. Who we are as a nation is firmly rooted in the memory of what we have overcome and what we can achieve together, hand in hand, parish by parish

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