St. Peter’s Community Service Day, Feb 29, 2020 – Come Out and Give Back

As part of their We Gatherin’ 2020 activities, the St. Peter Parish Organising Committee is staging a Community Service Day this Saturday, February 29th from 8am to 3:30pm.  Their aim is to encourage persons to give back to the community and clean up the parish. Some of the activities for the day include:

  • Providing food banks to collect food for persons in need across the parish. Food items can be donated at the Peter’s Parish Church yard and Eddies Supermarket.
  • Collecting monetary donations to assist with work required at the Maurice Byer Polyclinic and Farr’s Children’s Home.  Cash donations can be made to the kettles at the S Peter’s Parish Church yard and Eddie’s Supermarket.
  • Free health checks will be available at the St. Peter’s Parish Church yard.
  • A book donation drive to collect books in good condition for the public schools in St. Peter, Farr’s Children’s Home and the Speightstown Branch of the National Library. Donations can be made at the Peter’s Parish Church yard.
  • Visit to the Hallel Senior Citizens Home, Heywoods Estates to lend assistance and entertain the residents.
  • Encourage a general environmental cleanup of the parish.

Residents of St. Peter and wider Barbados are encouraged to come out and support the efforts by making contributions and giving of their time.

For more information contact Audrey Burgess at 233-0127.


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