• The parish was represented in The House of Assembly by the member of The Barbados Labor Party Hon. Cynthia Forde J.P., M.P.
  • It has two historic churches the Anglican St. Thomas Church built in 1936 and Sharon Moravian Church built in 1799
  • In 1997 The Ministry of Education attempted to create more spaces for the increases into entrants for Secondary Schools, opened was St. Thomas Secondary School
  • The precursor of The Lester Vaughn Secondary School named after a distinguished Barbadian who assisted in the transformation of the Educational Sector as well as wrote The National Pledge of Barbados
  • The Lester Vaughn Secondary School is the youngest Secondary School in Barbados and one of the most technologically advanced in the island
  • The Clifton Moravian Church was built by Moravians who had previously settled on the island in 1839. The Moravian Church launched a global mission going to the Caribbean first in 1732. In 1965 the Moravians sought to bring Christianity and Education to the slaves to Barbados and were the first Europeans to encourage the slaves to join their Congregations
  • Harrison’s Cave: The caves were first mentioned in Historical Documents in 1795 and were rediscovered in the early 1970s by Jack Peeples.
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