• Christ Church has a land area of 57 km2(22 sq mi) and is found at the southern end of the island. Christ Church has survived by name as one of the original six parishes created in 1629 by Governor Sir William Tufton.
  • The parish contains the Grantley Adams International Airport; the last remaining mangrove swamp in the country, Graeme Hall; the South Point Lighthouse and one of the islands four towns, Oistins.
  • Oistins is a major fishing community in with a modern fishing market. On Friday night particularly, the big thing to do is go to the fish fry at Oistins Bay Gardens where fresh fish is cooked on the spot and visitors and Bajan alike enjoy the entertainment.
  • Another notable area of Christ Church is St. Lawrence Gap, especially known for nighttime entertainment.  Many of the bars and clubs in ‘The Gap’ are frequented by locals and tourists alike.
  • The Christ Church Parish Church was established around 1629 but its buildings were destroyed by hurricane, fire or flood. The first church was a wooden structure built in another location near to the coast of Dover, Christ Church around 1629. It was destroyed in 1669 by a flood. The second church which was destroyed by a hurricane in 1870, was constructed in the current location overlooking Oistins. A third church, built after 1786, also suffered the same fate in 1831. Construction of the fourth church began in 1835 with the corner stone being laid by the Bishop of the Diocese. Sadly, whilst preparations were in progress to celebrate the 100th anniversary of that building, a fire would cause its demise once again. Today, the fifth building, built in 1935, stands on that second site, proudly displaying three of the walls retained from the burnt church and its western tower.
  • The Christ Church Parish Church is best known for the famous Chase Vault, in which coffins mysteriously move around within the sealed vault!
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