Nominations Invited For 2020 Pride of Barbados Awards

Barbadians are invited to nominate fellow citizens for the 2020 Pride of Barbados Award.

Nominees must be persons who through sacrifice, diligence and dedication to service have made outstanding contributions to community life or to the improvement of economic and social conditions in a parish in Barbados.

Nominations must be made and submitted online on a parish by parish basis.  The deadline for submissions for the parish of St Lucy is January 7, 2020.  No nominations will be accepted by hand or mail.

The nomination may be accessed by via the link –

The Pride of Barbados Award shall be conferred on persons who reside or have resided in a parish in Barbados, and who have been nominated by citizens or permanent residents of Barbados living in the respective parish, or who now live outside of Barbados.

For further information, persons may call the Cabinet Office, Government Headquarters, Bay Street, St. Michael at 535-5385 or 535-5499.

Ian Inniss BGIS

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