Banks Breweries Limited joins We Gatherin’ as a Sponsor

Banks Breweries Limited and Banks Beer is a Barbados institution. The company has come on board to sponsor We Gatherin’ 2020 and will have a presence events throughout the rest of the year.


BBBL was initially a subsidiary of a Guyanese beverage company, Banks Breweries Limited, but the company owes its existence to the more than 3,000 Barbadians who purchased shares, valued at BBD $1.59 million, during an initial purchase offering in 1959.

Today, BBBL produces over 50 million bottles of product each year.


In the beginning, Banks Beer was the only beverage manufactured by the company, but this changed in November 1961 when the company introduced its Banks Milk Stout. The portfolio of brands expanded even further in March 1963 with the introduction of Tiger Malt, a lightly carbonated malt beverage. During the 1960s and 1970s the company’s beverage portfolio continued to expand with the addition of several non-alcoholic brewed products, two of the most popular were PLUS (launched in 1973) and Coconut Cooler (launched in 1978). Today, BBBL’s impressive portfolio of world-class non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages includes Banks Beer, Banks Draft, Twist Shandy, Tiger Malt, Vanilla Tiger Malt, Coconut Cooler and Plus. Guinness Stout is also produced under license. The capacity for creating world-class indigenous beverages, as well as franchised international brands, is at the heart of the Brewery’s history of success.


The quality of our products is also critical to our success. Banks Beer won its first Diploma of Excellence at the International Lager Beer Competition in 1971, where it was judged against beers from as far as Australia. In 1976 BBBL received two second prizes for its bottled beer at the Allied Trades Exhibition for Bottling and Brewing. Since then, it has won several international awards, including the many gold quality awards in the Monde Selection, which tests and rates consumer products to officially recognize quality-conscious producers.


In 1968, the company began exporting Tiger Malt to St. Vincent and Dominica, to resounding success. In 1972, a new agreement was created to allow the company to begin exporting Banks Beer throughout the region. Today, the Brewery exports its products to many territories within CARICOM, as well as to cities in Canada, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.


Since its inception, BBBL has been a keen supporter of culture and sports in Barbados. In the past, the company has fielded teams and individuals for competition in cricket, football, table tennis, weightlifting, road tennis, hockey, dominoes, and darts. Banks Beer has also been a keen sponsor of Crop Over and cricket, most recently being named as the official sponsor of the Barbados Tridents in the Caribbean Premier League from 2019.




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