Barbados is one of the leading countries in the world with the highest number of centenarians per capita. Based on 2016 figures from the now defunct National Committee on Ageing, 114 people over 100 years old were alive. This works out to about 39.9 centenarians per 100 000 people. This puts the nation second only to Japan in the ratio of centenarians in the population. In 2016 the Barbados Postal service paid tribute to citizens of Barbados who have lived for a century with a limited edition stamp issue, aptly called Centenarians of Barbados. The 27 centenarian stamps featured portraits of some Bajans who have died and others who are still alive. Twenty of the stamps feature people who were 100 years old at the time of printing, while the remaining seven feature “semi-super centenarians,” who are between 105 and 109 years old, and “super centenarians” who are amazingly 110 years old or older. Between 1991 and 2017, Barbados was home to 600 centenarians.

Centenarians of Barbados:  The Foundation Builders

This project is co-developed by the former National Committee on Ageing, the Barbados Museum and Historical Society and the Barbados Government Information Service. It aims to celebrate Barbadian centenarians at home and abroad by providing an accessible digital archive to explore centenarian stories, see how our island has been shaped by them, and learn what resources are available for senior citizens of Barbados. Through the online platform and accompanying exhibitions, Centenarians of Barbados:  Foundation Builders proposes to be an informative and interactive space for all Barbadians which highlights the significant milestone of becoming a centenarian. Meet Barbados’ Centenarians at home and abroad; listen to their stories; and, learn about elderly care and the keys to successful ageing. 
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