What is Bajan Philanthropy?

The National Philanthropy Programme highlights the importance of a ‘culture of giving to Barbados’ national development’ and facilitates the participation and contributions of stakeholders at every level. 

The Government of Barbados will facilitate Bajan Philanthropy in two ways:

  1. A digital portal which allows Barbadians and friends of Barbados at home and abroad (the diaspora) to (1) contribute financially and/or (2) pledge ‘time commitments’ and (3) technical support to specific projects, as well as (4) make in-kind donations. The major focus of the 2020 strategy for the National Philanthropy Programme will be our public healthcare institutions, in addition to a number of key environmental, education and community-based initiatives.
  1. The introduction of Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) legislation to replace the existing Charities Act. This NGO  legislation will offer the best regulatory framework for Barbados that considers the dynamics of the combination of volunteerism, community based initiatives, ordinary individual givers, corporate social responsibility activities, high net worth individuals, as well as mobilised virtual platforms that currently make up our philanthropic environment. The Ministry of Labour and Social Partnership Relations is lead on this initiative and the new NGO legislation will be submitted for consideration of the Cabinet of Barbados by April 2020.

Latest Philanthropic Videos

Video Playlist
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We Gatherin' - Philanthropy Drive - Maurice Byer Polyclinic
We Gatherin' - Philanthropy Drive - Maurice Byer Polyclinic
WE GATHERIN - Philanthropy Drive - The Elayne Scantlebury Centre
WE GATHERIN - Philanthropy Drive - The Elayne Scantlebury Centre
WE GATHERIN - Philanthropy Drive - St Lucy District Hospital
WE GATHERIN - Philanthropy Drive - St Lucy District Hospital
We Gatherin' - Philanthropy Drive - Maurice Byer Polyclinic - Child Reading Programme
We Gatherin' - Philanthropy Drive - Maurice Byer Polyclinic - Child Reading Programme

How can I participate by giving?

Individuals, groups, corporate entities, or anyone can give financially or ‘in-kind’ towards a project, equipment or supplies. They can also volunteer time and special skills towards a project. The online platform makes it simple and easy to give to a number of worthy causes.

How will the online platform work?

The online platform will categorise the different methods of giving under “Financial”, “Volunteer” and “Equipment and Supplies”.

  • Financial – allows general financial contributions and financial contributions to specific projects.
  • Volunteer – allows registration for persons to give of time, special skills and technical expertise to specific projects
  • Equipment and Supplies – allows financial contributions to equipment and supplies AND provides easy step-by-step guide to donating ‘in-kind’ items from a registry of items provided, including shipping and customs details.

How can I give to my community?

The community projects identified by the Parish Organising Committees will be profiled on the online portal for Financial or Volunteer contributions. The contact details of the Parish Organising Committees will be made available on the portal.

How will giving contribute the community development?

Giving helps those in need and national campaigns like ours (the National Philanthropy Programme) try to ensure that the most vulnerable in our communities are prioritised.

The act of giving unites sectors and communities around common causes. Giving increases emotional awareness, compassion and consideration. These are all critical elements to strengthening communities and national development.

If I am overseas how can I provide in giving back to the hospitals project?

The online portal facilitates broad participation in this initiative and has no geographic restrictions.

How will we know that the money is being used for the intended purpose?

Many of the projects listed will be collaborations between Government agencies and established charitable organisations. The donations will be tracked and visible on the portal and progress updates will be posted to the portal.


How can I get more information about Bajan philanthropic activities?

There will be philanthropy/giving tabs on the We Gatherin’, QEH, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education websites linking directly to the online portal.

Can I have my give back activities profiled on the We Gatherin’ website? If so how?

Yes! Simply email info@wegatherinbarbados.com  or Chereda.grannum@barbados.gov.bb  for assistance.

How can I give share my expertise and talents with my parish or back to Barbados?

If you want to give towards something not listed or wish propose your own project simply email info@wegatherinbarbados.com  or Chereda.grannum@barbados.gov.bb indicating your interest and details of the intended initiative or contribution.


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