Genealogy Marketplace

The Genealogy Marketplace was conceptualized 5 years ago as the brainchild of the then BTPA as its decision to embark on a new Niche Market – Genealogy Tourism.

The first Genealogy Marketplace was held at the Department of Archives in July 2016, as a part of the programme for the Biennial Network Consultation, better known as the Diaspora Conference. As a result of this initial success, it was requested that a Genealogy Marketplace be held for the celebration of Barbados’ 50th Anniversary in November of the same year.

The Marketplace has a couple key components, primarily:

  • Entertainment
  • Heritage related display booths
  • Economic opportunities for persons selling local food, craft etc.
  • Games and storytelling corner
  • Films and lectures
  • Genealogy workshop

The genealogy marketplaces will demonstrate how to build out family trees using materials, tools and charts provided by the Archives Department, provide the opportunity to search digital indexes such as Panama Registers of Barbadians who left to work in the Panama Canal and Baptisms. There will also be a heavy emphasis on community knowledge exchange and oral histories.

Each marketplace will also feature family history/traditions, oral history and storytelling, as well as culinary elements from Barbados’ African, Jewish, British, Scottish, East Indian, South American and Caribbean heritage. These elements will be showcased through documents, photography, cultural displays/performances, religion, traditional medicine and food.

Customised parish and family merchandise can be purchased and made to order on site.

Below are some of the prominent family names associated with each parish. This information was gathered from the Advocate Parish Profiles, the Hughes Queree Papers (Notes on plantations and plantation owners) and the Chief Archivist’s consultation with historians as well as her personal experience assisting persons with family history research.

  • St. Lucy: Greaves, Griffith, Babb, Boyce, Corbin, Broomes
  • St. Peter: Benn, Boyce, Corbin, Jordan, Parris
  • St. Thomas: Richards, Hope, Lewis, Harris, Carmichael
  • St. Joseph – Mayers, Small, Branch, Parris, Holder
  • St. John: Haynes, Sealy, Estwick, Cook
  • St. George: Sealy, Pile, Simpson, Chandler, Roach
  • St. Philip: Brathwaite, Greenidge, Mason, Skeete , Wiltshire
  • St. Andrew: Bovell, Gill, Springer, Hunte, Dottin, Benjamin
  • St. James: King, Holder, Alleyne, Cumberbatch, Greenidge
  • Christ Church: Ashby, Evelyn, Jones , Best, Bentham
  • St. Michael: Mottley, Miller, Collymore, Reid, Bascombe, Beckles, Browne

Things to Know When Starting the Research Process:

Before conducting research:

  • Start with a list of the family members that you know
  • Try to confirm/collect their dates of birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial as these are important when piecing together your family tree
  • Remember, the process takes time, and you may not get all of the information in one attempt


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